The Journey Begins

As a qualified coach and ‘spiritual and personal development’ self-confessed junkie, I wanted to start this blog not only to help me on my own personal transformational journey but to also help and inspire others who are going through the same thing, we heart centred people need to stick together!
I hope you like it and stay around for updates, please feel free to comment and let me know your stories as well, it helps others to know that they are in good company and can be really inspirational to some who are not as far along the journey as you are. Look out for my next post, in the meantime, have a great weekend, learn, grow and above all have fun!

Lots of Love Samantha xx

Samantha is coaching director at Free To Just Be. Ltd offering personal growth coaching and vision board workshops to businesses, groups and private clients. Based in the West Country, UK, more information can be found at or by emailing her at

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